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About Us

A vocation to serve

We are a group of friends from different backgrounds that met on our healing journey in Peru. Our dedication to healing done impeccably, honestly, and with integrity motivated us to come together and start making our own retreats. Our mission is to inspire you to heal, transform and find your creative purpose. We hope to see you soon, lots of love!!!

Our Story

We have facilitated miraculous transformations over the years, and it is with great honor that we welcome you to our home, the Sacred Valley, a place of deep healing. We have decided to put our experiences, professional skills, and humble hearts to the service of humanity and healing. Come and experience our 10-day transformational retreats, using an array of plant medicines, energy work, and artistic practices to shine the light in the depths of yourself and experience healing at the deepest levels.


Initially working with other retreat centers, we have decided to create our own, where the focus of the retreat is the grandfather medicine of San Pedro. Our core values are integrity, equality and selfless service. We have many years of experience working with depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and other ailments physical, emotional, and spiritual. We are all human beings on our life path with something extraordinary to share...




Artist, medicine man

Theodorus Slakey, born in the USA, raised in France, has healed his depression and addiction to alcohol and heroin with San Pedro. Theo has cultivated a special connection with San Pedro, and he shares with love and humility this influential teacher. Theo is a painter, a musician, and an experienced medicine man. Living in the Sacred Valley since 2013, working with different teachers and plants, he has always been passionate about getting people to paint and express themselves creatively. You can find his art on his personal website 

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Artist, healer

Emma Lucy Shaw was born and raised in Coventry England. Very intuitive and artistic from a young age, after living through a lot of trauma in her teens and early adult life she decided to go off the beaten bath, on a quest for answers, healing and deeper meaning. From Lapland to Palestine, Scotland and the USA she ended up in the Andes of Peru for 7 years where she learned how to use her gifts in the service of others. She is a mother, a poet, artist and healer that uses creativity to reawaken the magic we all have inside. You can see some of her art on her website



Artist, medicine man

Gary D., originally from Scotland, has been working seriously with plant medicine since 2008, healing himself and helping others along the way. He has spent long periods integrating every plant he worked with and creating his own powerful healing modalities, inspired by many ancient traditions and sacred practices. He is an experienced plant medicine worker and an artist with many different skills and deep empathy to accompany people in their processes.



Mystical tour guide

Rafael Vereau, from Peru, is a dedicated father, mystical tour guide, and dedicated student of nature. He specializes in symbolic rooting processes with the help of nature, his life experience, character, and the Oracle of Chaupin. He is a great storyteller for the magical sites and mountains he has spent a long time exploring. Working in ayahuasca retreats, he has learned how to guide people on their awakening processes. Originally a journalist, he collaborates with various cultural publications and has a good grasp on language and its power to transform and help you integrate plant medicine.

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Musician, Voice healer

Hanna D., hailing from the United States and Sweden, is a natural healer and singer, sharing ancient world music and intuitive sound-healing melodies. Coming from a more competitive, traditional Western environment, here in the Andes, she has used the healing powers of song, nature, and sacred plant medicine to transform difficult creative and vocal blockages that formed during childhood. Now she works as a musician/performer and a forest-school teacher, teaching nature-connection and organic expression. One of her deepest heart-missions on this Earth is to empower others to connect with their innate ability to express their unique art, with a specific focus on the use of the voice as a sacred instrument. She is deeply immersed in the studies of vocal healing and the curative powers of music, sound, and singing.

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Kambo practicioner

Hector Hurtado, from Chile, began to study Kambó Medicine and Master Plants in 2013, learning with different groups of experienced facilitators in Chile, observing several cases of people healing from different diseases, and also all the healing it did for him. In 2014 travelling through Peru and Brazil, in the latter specifically in the state of Acre with the Katukina Indians , he was able to study the Kambó more thoroughly and learn directly from the tribe the best way to work with this medicine. He has been administering it since 2015 in Peru, and is a humble, gentle and dedicated man, in service of those who wish for healing and transformation in their life.

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